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Mahidol University
Determination Statement: “Wisdom of the Land”
To appreciate the meaning of Mahidol University’s new determination statement, “Wisdom of the Land” it is first necessary to take into consideration two key words involved: mahidol, the university’s name, and paññā, or the Buddhist conception of wisdom
The meaning of mahidol :
The word mahidol is derived from the Pali, and also Sanskrit, mahī “land” + tala “ground, level.” Mahītala can thus be translated as “the ground of the earth.” Other words in Thai with the same morphological structure and meaning are phasuthadol, phuwadol and methanidol (derived respectively from vasudhā + tala, bhuva + tala and medanī + tala. This whole set of words, which can be found in the 1999 edition of the Royal Institute’s Thai Dictionary, can all be translated as “the ground of the earth; the surface of the earth.”
Vision :
Mahidol University is determined to be a world class university.
Mission :
To excel in health, sciences, arts, and innovation with integrity for the betterment of Thai society and the benefit of mankind.
Strategies Objectives :
  1. Research Excellence
  2. Teaching and Learning Excellence
  3. Health Care and Services Excellence
  4. Internationalization
Administrative Strategies :
Harmony in Diversity
ICT-Based University & Resource Optimization
Human Capital